What you can do to help

We urge all of you that read this blog to contact your local member for Parliament and let them know your desire for change in regards to Medicare,  to ensure those accessing surrogacy receive equal treatment under the law.

Get a meeting with your local MP, and ask him or her to write to Health Minister Peter Dutton about this issue.

Once you have done that, send your own letter too. In the past we provided template letters to send through but we’ve since found out that template letters get a template response.

If you are involved in surrogacy, write a letter about your own concerns using your own story as a basis. If you are one of our fabulous and well loved supporters – use the stories on this blog as inspiration for your letter. Just tell Peter Dutton what you think.

We have also included a paper outlining our concerns about the Medicare laws and the specific changes required. We ask that you include this paper in your letters to the politicians. Surrogacy Submission

In order to keep a record of how many letters have been sent to each politician, please drop us an email at mdelaware@bigpond.com and let us know who you have written to and when. Also share your response with us.

Here are the contact details for the politicians. Remember to get a meeting with your local federal member, then write to the Health Minister Peter Dutton, your state Health Minister and any other politicians you wish.  Federal Politician Contacts

Get social
Like our public page at https://www.facebook.com/Medicareless
Like your local federal MP’s page and look for opportunities to comment about this issue.


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