About us

We are ordinary people who have had the misfortune of not being able to carry our own babies, and as such have had to resort to surrogacy to complete our families.

We are not rich celebrities so worried about our careers that we won’t have children ourselves. We are not so rich that we have ‘outsourced’ our pregnancies. We are not riddled with concern about what a pregnancy will do to our beautiful figures.

We are ordinary women (and our partners) who have had unfortunate medical issues that have resulted in us being unable to carry our much wanted children.

We now find that as if the blow of being unable to carry our own children is not enough, Medicare will not entitle us to the same level of cover as ordinary ‘infertile’ couples. So our expenses are through the roof. We feel that it is incredibly unfair, and we want our voices heard.

We may live in your street, or be a friend or a relative of yours. We are ordinary women, on a mission. Please support us and help us to have our voices heard in parliament – to change the unjust Medicare laws.

1 thought on “About us

  1. Hi,
    you visited my blog (posts of hypnotic suggestion), thanks very much, it’s really appreciated. I’ve read some more of your posts and just wanted to wish the best of luck on your mission, especially as several of my clients are going through infertility difficulties. Also, as my mother is from Sydney, (she’s spent the last 60 years here in the UK), a part of me will always be linked to Aussies.
    All the best

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