How much does Surrogacy cost?

So how much does surrogacy cost? Well this depends on a few things? But one thing is certain – it costs a lot!

To give you an understanding of what it costs I will include my own estimated expenses – plus the range other people have advised me. Please note that while some of the below costs are essential some may not be, each surrogacy arrangement is different.

Pre Surrogacy Counselling – $1500-$2000
Legal Advice both surrogate and intending parents – $2000-$5000
Review or draft surrogacy agreement – $1000-$8000
IVF Process (one cycle) – $10,000 – $18,000
Health Insurance for surrogate – $1000-$2500
Life and death insurance for surrogate – $500-$5,000
OB costs – $0 – $5000
Maternity clothes – $0 – $1000
Petrol & Parking – $0-$500
Intending mothers hospital fee – $0 – $5000
Loss of wages for surrogate and / or partner – $0 – $10,000
Post surrogacy counselling – $1000 – $1500
Post surrogacy legals both surrogate and intending parents – $8000 to $20,000

Other costs might be child care for surrogate, house cleaning for the surrogate just depends on what the parties agree to.

I should also say, intending parents are not rich, just people desperate to have children. Most people sell assets, borrow money, or withdraw from their mortgage.

I estimate my own surrogacy to cost between $50,000 to $60,000 and that may not even result in a child.

So a little help from Medicare would go along way.

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