Inspirational Stories

Wow. I am truly lost for words reading your personal stories. Thank you for sharing and please keep them coming. When I started my surrogacy journey I felt so alone. I was scared of what people might think. Afraid they would think it was morally bad for me to have another woman carry my child. I fought with myself for months before I decided to stand tall and speak proudly and freely of the choice Alex and I had made. Recently Alex and I were confronted with yet another life altering decision. Given my age (40) and that I only have one functioning ovary our chances of a child using my eggs are very minimal. After many tears and much discussion we agreed that perhaps our first attempt should be with donor eggs.
Quite straight forward right??? But as time went by my frustrations grew. Along with two other amazing women we started this blog and our Facebook page. I wrote letters to many politicians and I met face to face with my local federal member Bernie Ripoll.
Why should I be forced to choose between an attempt with my eggs and those of a donor simply because Medicare legislation is outdated. Who gives them the right to make that decision for me. Alex (a qld fire-fighter) and myself (an administration manager) both pay taxes. We are everyday people going about our business yet we are discriminated against because I have no uterus.
So many like me have borrowed from family and friends, mortgaged their homes and taken out personal loans. It should not be this way. I will not give up this fight. Together we can make a difference.
Thank you for your continued support

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