Letters sent to Australian Health Care Reform Alliance and Queensland Council of Unions

Today I sent letters to the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance (AHCRA) and the Queensland Council of Unions. Both organisations that friends suggest I write too.

The following is on the AHCRA’s website:

The Australian Health Care Reform Alliance (AHCRA) is a coalition of peak health groups working towards a better health system for Australia’s future.

Australia’s health system was designed more than a generation ago and no longer meets the needs of our community. Many Australians are missing out on the care they need or not receiving the best possible care for their condition. There is a growing gap between the health of the best and worst off in our community which is undermining the fairness of our society.

We need to make major changes to our health system to make it better and fairer for all. With an ageing population and increasing demand for health care, we need to ensure that every dollar we spend on health care delivers maximum value. We also need to make sure that our health system reflects the values of our community.

AHCRA is working to find solutions to the problems with our existing health system, including:

· poor access to care for many Australians
· consumer frustration with problems in navigating an overly complex system
· the health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians
· increasing out-of-pocket costs for services
· a severe shortage of doctors, nurses and other health professionals
· an insufficient focus on prevention and primary care
· the inefficient allocation of resources caused by the current State/ Commonwealth funding structure.

The Federal Government has embarked on a major health reform initiative, involving making significant changes to the ways in which health care is funded and delivered. AHCRA supports the overall goals of health reform and is working to ensure that the reform measures deliver a fairer, more efficient and sustainable health system for Australia’s future.

Check out their website for more information; or you may even like to send your own letter to them asking for assistance: http://www.healthreform.org.au..

The Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) is a representative body of Trade union organisations, known as a Labour council, in the State of Queensland, Australia. As of 2011 there are 32 affiliated unions and 13 provincial Trades & Labor Councils (also known as Branches of the QCU) affiliated to the Council, representing some 350,000 workers. It may seen odd to write to the QCU, but having worked in the union movement for almost 7 years, I am aware that they love to get onboard where the average Australian are treated less favourably to others.

You can view the emails I sent here:AHCRA and

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